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WE pursue the new economy development in China, the rapid growth of the logistics industry,

the cargo sorting system technology has a very high demand on the color of the belt,

tensile strength, flame-resistant and abrasion resistance.

EXQUISITE International independently produce the light duty conveyor belt with high-strength for logistics

industry, light weight, good elasticity, low elongation, long life, low noise, easy installation, nonpollution.

EXQUISITE International conveyor belt is widely used in many industries courier, airport, postal,

warehousing center. Our conveyor belt can design according to different requirements, manufacturing and

processing a series of conveyor belts for logistics, such as PVK wear-resistant conveyor belt, low noise black

PVC conveyor belt, PVC conveyor belt with patterns, etc., satisfy the customers for different industries.

The logistics industry belts are widely used in the express sorting system and airport luggage transportation.

The logistic conveyor belts use the high intensity material. lt has characteristics of light weight, good elasticity,

small elongation, long service life and etc. Specially, the plan conveyor belt and skid resistant conveyor belts are

anti-static, corrosion-cut resistant, flame resistant, and low noise.

It can keep stable under the high-speed movement and friction.